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This boat, Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) is truly a one of a kind power boat. It stands out in the crows of other Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) power boats for sale. View this listing and other boat listings. More than 30000 Yachts & boats for Sale.



Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ)

Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) Description

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Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) is truly a fantastic power boat for sale and many look at it as one of the very best boats in it’s class. Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) is a power boat with good power and it sure handles the sea or fresh water well. The Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) is diesel friendly so you can really push and go fast on the water without going broke too fast. It should not be compared with small boats as it’s bigger, sturdier and comes with more power. If a powerful power boat is not your thing when it comes to boating, have a look at the other boats for sale in the marketplace. You can also view other recently listed power boats other than the Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ).

As this Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) boat for sale listing is marked as sold, you should check other many of the other boat for sale listings. Here at the Yachts & Boats for Sale site, you’ll find information related to Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) boats, boating and we now have more than 30 000 boats that are listed for sale. Anything from pontoon boats, power boats, cabin cruisers, motor yachts, utility boats, small boats, fishing boats, jet boats and several other boat makes other than the Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) for sale!

Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ)

SeaBoater Catamaran 100 is the biggest vessel that we can build with glass-epoxy-composite and carbon reinforcement technology. Our main idea was to create a large catamaran that could be both economically-run and easily-sailed. Using smart hull build technology, we offer an extraordinary price to performance ratio with the SeaBoater Catamaran 100, and it is priced several million dollars cheaper than most similarly sized catamarans availale on the worldwide market today…. More specific details SeaBoater 100 Construction SeaBoater catamarans 60, 74 and 100 are intended for flat panel construction (except for the hull bottoms) using composite panels and foam or end grain balsa cores. These designs can also be adapted to convention moulded construction if preferred. This model has three versions: – SeaBoater Catamaran 100: Standard catamaran look without hard top – SeaBoater Catamaran 100 Short Top Classic: practical hard top classic look – SeaBoater Catamaran 100 Short Top Modern: practical hard top modern look Three different engine power versions: – Diesel – Hybid (Electric/Diesel) – Solar Hybrid (Solar/Electric/Diesel. For price lists or for more detailed information call or email today! Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ) has a good, powerful and well maintained engine that will get this power boat going fast yet steady on the water.


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Seaboater 100 Catamaran (SWJ)

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