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Fairweather Mariner is tuly a very nice and affordable cruiser boat that is now listed for sale. Fairweather Mariner is not the only cruiser boat we have for sale. View the listing.



Fairweather Mariner

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Fairweather Mariner is a boat for sale that comes with endless possibilities and is considered one of the finest cruiser boats built. Learn more about Fairweather Mariner. In our boats for sale marketplace you can view other Fairweather Mariner cruisers and yachts for sale with complete description, pictures and information. Here at the Boats for Sale site, you can find a large selection of cruiser boats, power boats, luxuary yachts, speed boats and several other boat makes other than Fairweather Mariner for sale!

This cruiser boat listing has been marked as sold! Boat details specific to the Fairweather Mariner cruiser boat is removed! View other cruiser boats for sale!

Fairweather Mariner

<<<< BEAUTIFULL BLUE WATER CRUISER!!! >>>> <<<< CLEAN AND READY TO GO!!! >>>> -This is an article by Fair Weather Mariner designer Robert Perry, from Sailing Magazine. August 1988- This is one of my designs and it was designed for one single purpose. The target of this design was offshore passagemaking. When choosing a hull form I stayed with very moderate beam, almost narrow by today’s standards. Why? Beam slows a boat down. I chose a narrow boat to get good speed and a light and predict-able helm. The volume in the topsides is carried forward to produce a boat with a high heeled prismatic. The idea behind this is that you want reaching performance for sailing in the trades. I sacrificed pointing angle for comfort and reaching speed. I also kept the stern quite full to further help with off the wind speed and control. The boat has a deeply Ved chest forward and a clean bustleless run aft. The transom is near vertical to extend the useful cockpit space. The skeg and rudder combination has a lot of area for good directional stability. The D/L ratio of this design is 212. The keel fin is long enough to set the boat on when hauled out. The midsection is a result of looking for reasonable form stability along with a gentle motion. Harder bilges will increase initial stability through form assist but hard bilges will also give a boat too quick a motion for long term comfort at sea. There is no doubt that the cutter rig offers the offshore sailer some advantages. The cutter rig is also one of the hardest rigs to trim correctly and requires precise deck hardware location for the correct trimming angles. The Fair Weather Mariner has a relatively small foretriangle and can be sailed very effectively as a sloop. For those wanting the cutter rig the staysail is large and the head of the staysail is located just where the head of the main would be when double reefed. The deck of the Fair Weather has deep bulwarks. There is nothing quite like the security of deep bulwarks on an offshore yacht.The house or cabintrunk of the Fair Weather has been reduced in bulk in order to keep windage down. Windage must be reduced if performance is a goal. We went with 6’10″ of headroom in the working area of the interior and then re Fairweather Mariner is a very nice cruiser boat with endless possibilities.

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Fairweather Mariner

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