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Are you in the market for a new or used boat? In this post we give five useful tips and advice for buying the perfect boat.

5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Boat

Individuals who are in the market for a new or used boat can find the perfect one for their needs by considering various factors. The benefit of a brand new boat is that it will be free of rust and should have no leaks. If buying a new boat is too costly, then the best alternative is a used boat. The task of buying the perfect boat can be done by following a few tips.


Beyond the Price

Many people looking for a new boat often base their decision on the total cost. One thing many people may overlook is that there are added expenses that need to be considered. This includes insurance, any maintenance costs, and yearly operating costs. A boat is similar to a car in that insurance is required to protect against property loss and liability. The boat owner also needs to pay a yearly registration fee. A special license may also be needed in some states. Another big cost for a boat owner is fuel. This is the biggest operating expense simply because gas tanks on a boat are larger than a typical car.

The Right Boat Size

Boats come in many sizes based on where they will be used. This means that size is important if it will be used on small inland lakes or larger bodies of water. A boat should also be big enough to suit a need or purpose. There are boats that can be used for cruising, lounging, and even skiing. The price that will be paid will increase as the boat size gets larger. One important aspect to consider is the passengers the boat can accommodate. If carrying passengers is important, then a boat may need to have an open bow or be a foot or two longer.

Use and Care

Purchasing a boat is a big expense depending on the model and condition of the machine. Most times a boat is purchased for recreation. This means it will most likely be used when free time is available. The weekends during the summer and holidays are the most common. One thing to consider about any type of boat is how much it will be used. A big boat that uses a lot of gas may not be used unless a big group outing is planned. Smaller boats that can easily be towed are typically used more often.

Boating Activities

Boats can be used for many types of activities out on the water. The most common are cruising around a lake or having fun water skiing. A boat can also be used for fishing in a river or large lake. There will be various activities that one boat may need to provide. This means making sure the boat matches most of the activities the owner will want to achieve. Many times a compromise may be needed to obtain the perfect boat.

Drive System

Motor boats used on rivers and lakes come with two types of drive systems. There is an outboard and an inboard/outboard. A full outboard has the entire engine mounted on the rear of the boat. Boats with any type of inboard/outboard engine will have the motor mounted inside the boat with a propeller drive on the outside.

The engine for a boat can run on conventional gasoline or diesel. This will be another factor that needs to be considered when looking for the perfect boat.

This article was writen by Brian S. from Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart, Florida. Brian is an avid boater who enjoys spending as much time as possible on the water.

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